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The CINDERELLA project intends to test and validate the implementation of an AI-based tool for a safer and evidence-based clinical decision for patients proposed for locoregional treatment, making it easily applied in clinical practice anywhere in the world. A better prediction of aesthetic outcomes of the different breast surgical approaches can improve patient satisfaction and quality of life, reduce anxiety and depression levels, as well as potential revisional surgeries.


I was devastated when I saw the result of the surgery of one of my best friends. I always thought I was very lucky because I managed to kept my breast and quite frankly, I thought my breasts look great after the operation. But then I looked at my friend and I almost cried. If she didn’t told me, I would never had guessed which breast has been the one submitted to surgery.
Now when I look at me, I know that the result is not what I thought and I wish I had the opportunity to knew it before

Ana Paula Ferreira

Breast Cancer
World Wide Incidence
Locoregional Treatment
± 2M Submitted
Breast Conserving Treatment
± 1,2M Surgery and Radiotherapy
± 800K Surgery with or without Reconstruction With or without Radiotherapy

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389