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The CINDERELLA project intends to test and validate the implementation of an AI-based tool for a safer and evidence-based clinical decision for patients proposed for locoregional treatment, making it easily applied in clinical practice anywhere in the world. A better prediction of aesthetic outcomes of the different breast surgical approaches can improve patient satisfaction and quality of life, reduce anxiety and depression levels, as well as potential revisional surgeries.

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Hope unites us globally in the breast cancer fight. Raise awareness, support screenings, and explore treatments. Together, we are a strong community of survival. Share stories and spread hope.

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Transforming global breast cancer care, the CINDERELLA Project standardizes aesthetic evaluations in surgery for exceptional, personalized patient care. Join this groundbreaking healthcare movement.

Visionary care begins with the #CINDERELLA Project. Together, we're crafting a future where confidence and clarity guide every breast cancer treatment decision. It's more than prediction—it's a revolution in care standards. Join us on this global journey to transform lives.

Join the movement for a brighter future in breast cancer care with the CINDERELLA Project. Through early detection and the power of personalized treatment, we’re making strides in saving lives. Stay informed, stay screened, stay strong.

#CINDERELLAProject #BreastCancerAwareness

Discover the CINDERELLA Project's AI tool, advancing personalized breast cancer treatments to enhance effectiveness and reduce side effects.

#CINDERELLAProject #PersonalizedCare #InnovationInHealthcare

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I was devastated when I saw the result of the surgery of one of my best friends. I always thought I was very lucky because I managed to kept my breast and quite frankly, I thought my breasts look great after the operation. But then I looked at my friend and I almost cried. If she didn’t told me, I would never had guessed which breast has been the one submitted to surgery.
Now when I look at me, I know that the result is not what I thought and I wish I had the opportunity to knew it before

Ana Paula Ferreira

Breast Cancer
World Wide Incidence
Locoregional Treatment
± 2M Submitted
Breast Conserving Treatment
± 1,2M Surgery and Radiotherapy
± 800K Surgery with or without Reconstruction With or without Radiotherapy

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389

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