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Bocconi University (UB) is an internationally recognized institution with a wide range of study tracks in economic, managerial and legal disciplines at all levels of higher education. The University has a high percentage of international students and is part of a network of 145 partner universities in 46 countries. Its Centre for Research in Healthcare and Social Management (CERGAS), founded in 1978, conducts basic and applied research in the areas of health and social care. The Centre is home to 40 researchers and academics with a variety of backgrounds, such as economics, political science, medicine, biology, and applied statistics. CERGAS has developed a strong expertise in the area of economic evaluation and Health Technology Assessment, conducting cost of illness, burden of care, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit andother socio-economic studies. It also conducts international comparative studies on organizational and funding arrangements in the healthcare sector. CERGAS has been involved in several multi-centre empirical studies both at national and international levels, in co-operation with both clinicians and
epidemiologists. CERGAS has received funding from a plurality of institutions, including the European Commission, Private Foundations, Italian Ministry of Health, Regional Health Authorities, WHO, public and private health care providers and pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. CERGAS research fellows use the scientific tools in the fields of management, economics, organizational research and policy analysis to investigate how welfare systems work at the micro and macro levels, and how to improve them through innovative and evidence-based solutions. UB will lead WP5 on multidimensional performance, impact and sustainability. Oriana Ciani (f), Associate Professor of Practice at SDA Bocconi, with a strong research interest in healthcare technologies evaluation, will co-lead this WP together with Rosanna Tarricone (f), Associate Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management and Director of Government, Health, Non-Profit Division.
UB will lead the WP5 on Health Technology Assessment, and will contribute to WP1 and 6.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389