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Champalimaud Foundation Breast Unit (PT): Private institution primarily focused on advanced biomedical research and providing translational, interdisciplinary clinical care will bring the clinical experience in cancer patient management and clinical research, with highly skilled professional teams to conduct clinical trials together with expertise in imaging data analysis, in-house built tools for data deidentification, annotation and segmentation. The Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC)’s counts with over 500 professionals, including 100 clinicians organized in seven multidisciplinary disease management teams to bring all available knowledge and techniques for the provision of personalized, results-oriented medicine to different tumour types, including breast, digestive, gynaecology, haemato-oncology, thoracic, genitourinary and skin. Risk assessment, early diagnosis of disease and customization of therapy are a primary concern of all units to achieve better levels of effectiveness in disease control, survival and quality of life. The Breast Unit is a Full Member of Breast Centres Network (the first international network of clinical centres exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, created by of the European School of Oncology (ESO) with the aim to promote and improve breast in compliance with the international regulation on certification ISO/IEC 17065. Additionally, CF houses specialized knowledge in the areas of liability aspects of AI in health and its responsible use as well as eHealth Interoperability policy and standards. Maria João Cardoso, Head of surgery has a very large portfolio of contributions to the objective evaluation of breast cancer locoregional treatments, and will be leading the CINDERELLA Project. CF will lead WP1 on overall project coordination, the clinical trial running on WP4 and will have a key role on the dissemination activities. Maria Joao Cardoso and Jaime Cardoso (ITEC) are coordinators of the Breast Research Group leading very exciting projects combining AI for clinical care.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389