Daniela Lopes

Champalimaud Foundation Clinical Partner Team Member

Daniela Lopes was born in a beautiful village in Ribatejo, Portugal and, being the daughter of a sailor, at the age of two she moved to the wonderful island – Faial, Azores. Between comings and goings, she came back for good at 8 years old and stayed to live in Lisbon.

She was always very communicative and with an empathetic personality, which is why she chose to be a nurse.
Graduated in Nursing at Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Institute of Health Sciences in 2012. Works in the breast unit of the clinical center Champalimaud since 2014.
The areas of interest include breast cancer, patient-centered nursing care, continuing care, and reconstructive and plastic surgery.

She has a beautiful daughter named Letícia who fills most of her free time, but in addition to her passion for her daughter, she likes to go for walks, addicted to reading and watching series/movies, loves the sea (daughter of a sailor, obviously), manual arts with macramé and as a good communicator, she loves to socialize with family and friends.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389