Giovani Loiola Silva

CEAUL Academic Partner Team Member

Giovani L. Silva was born in Fortaleza-Brazil and already in his youth had two loves: folk dance and data analysis. His academic life in Statistics/Mathematics was built on several universities, namely Federal University of Ceara (BSc), University of Sao Paulo (MSc), University of Lisbon (PhD) and Simon Fraser University (PDF).
He continues with two loves: (member) Centre of Statistics and its Applications (CEAUL) and (professor) Department of Mathematics – Instituto Superior Técnico (DM-IST), both at the University of Lisbon. He was President of the Biometric Section of the Portuguese Statistical Society (SPE) and is Co-Editor of REVSTAT – Statistical Journal.
Currently, he has five loves, i.e., three books on (i) Generalized Linear Models, (ii) Space-Time Models for Rates, Proportions and Multistate Processes, (iii) Bayesian Statistics, and two research projects at Champalimaud Foundation and Portuguese Institute of Oncology – Lisbon.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389