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Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) with its 43 specialized clinical departments and its 13 medical institutes is one of the leading medical centres in Europe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients from all over Germany and many other countries come here to make use of our modern treatment facilities. The highest standards of medical care are guaranteed by our world-renowned professors, distinguished physicians and committed nursing staff. Heidelberg University Hospital is constantly developing new methods of diagnosis and treatment at the forefront of biomedical science for the benefit of all patients. The Senology Section (Head: Prof. Heil) at the Centre for Gynaecology at Heidelberg University Hospital focuses clinically and scientifically on the following: i) multimodal breast diagnostics (mammography, tomosynthesis, sterotaxy, breast MRI (radiology section at the Breast Centre) sonography, elastography, minimally invasive biopsies, etc.); ii) breast surgery in all details and procedures including all breast reconstruction procedures (implants, free flap plastic surgery, etc.); iii) the consultation and management of familial, “genetic” breast cancers. Every year, UKHD treats more than 650 patients who are affected by breast cancer for the first time. This UKHD us one of the largest breast’s centres in Germany. Nevertheless, UKHD takes time for each patient to create an individual therapy plan. UKHD will be actively involved in the preparation of CANKADO with the relevant information during the first year and involved in WP4 contributing to patient enrolment, data acquisition, patient training and data analysis and will otherwise contribute to all other workpackages. Joerg Heil is the team coordinator from UKHD for CINDERELLA. Joerg is a clinical trained investigator that leads important international trials in breast cancer. He as a vast experience in PROMS in breast cancer surgery.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389