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Sheba Medical Centre at Tel HaShomer (SHEBA), Israel is the largest medical centre in the Middle East. Sheba Medical Centre includes a general hospital, maternity hospital, paediatric hospital, and a rehabilitation hospital. Sheba’s staff consists of over 1,600 physicians committed to the highest standards of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medicine and a total staff of approximately 10,000 employees. Each year, the medical centre treats over a million patients, and conducts approximately four million medical tests. SHEBA uses the most advanced medical technologies to treat patients with the most severe medical conditions. SHEBA is the national leader in clinical research in Israel. We conduct nearly one fourth of all clinical studies in Israel: Sheba accommodates over 90 research teams and approximately 4,000 research studies take place annually and is Israel’s leading medical institution in terms of publications quality and quantity. SHEBA aims to collaborate with leading teaching and research academic institutes, both domestically and internationally by promoting multidisciplinary health and medical studies. An academic campus is under construction and will include research institutes, technological incubators, startup companies, and an innovation centre. This academic facility will operate jointly with medical supercentres worldwide. Besides, SHEBA treats more Breast Cancer patients than any other cancer centre in Israel. SHEBA offers comprehensive services with the full range of tests, therapy, other services and specialists need for medical treatment and provides multidisciplinary care to all patients, including a full array of supportive services such as nutritional and genetic counselling, Gynaecologic and Endocrinological (hormone-related) Care, Physical Therapy, and extensive psychosocial support programs in the region for patients with Breast Cancer. SHEBA researchers are exploring the development of Breast Cancer and devising new methods for diagnosis at the earliest, most curable stages. They are also developing new methods of treatments for all stages of the disease and participate in many of the national as well as international clinical trials, continuously trying to improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of Breast Cancer. SHEBA will lead WP6 on dissemination and communication highly supported by partners responsible for specific tasks (see WP6 description), besides, SHEBA will be heavily involved the preparation of CANKADO with the relevant information during the first year and in WP4 contributing to patient enrolment, data acquisition, patient training and data analysis and will also contribute to all other workpackages.
Orit Kaidar-Person is the leading person for the SHEBA team. Orit is one of the most well-known young radiation oncologists in the world and has a vast experience in breast radiation oncology and has contributed to very important guidelines for breast cancer radiotherapy.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 101057389